Happy Chuseok!


One of Korea’s biggest holidays is Chuseok, which is like Korea’s version of thanksgiving. Originally known as hangawi, this major harvest festival and three-day holiday in Korea is celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar. This year Chuseok falls on the 8th of September, today. On this day they chare food and stories, as well as give thanks to their ancestors for the abundant harvest.Look at all thesse cute little kids celebrating Chuseok!

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Update of Ladies Code

RiSe has come out of surgery, she had to undergo brain surgery, which lasted 9 hours. The surgery went okay, but she is still in a serious condition, she’s being watched carefully.
Sojung is in a more stable condition and things are beginning to look better for her. 

3 Songs You should check out (Because I love those songs)

I haven’t posted anything in months!
This is random, but the heat is no joke here in Bahrain x_x!
I’m happy that it’s finally starting to cool down because we start school next Sunday..

Anyway, check these out guys


Boyfriend – I YAH

I can’t think of anything to say about this song

it’s just.. pretty, and it kinda sound INFINITE-ish
GOT7 – A

My Youngjae got a lot of lines *YAAAAY*
well, you see, GOT7 is my current obsession soo..
you should check their song “U got me”
it has a really cool beat

Super Junior – Mamacita 

This song is so catchy, and I love the dance.
Hey Mamacita naega Ayayayaya
I love the watermelon scene it’s so hilarious


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