I’m Rusol Aka Fearless, I’ve been into Kpop ever since I became an 8th grader.
This is random image, but I’m a “Pisces” 
I got into Korean dramas through Anime Crazy while I was watching Fruits Basket,
which was recomended to me by a friend. I miss Drama Crazy! image I have a MyDramaList page
you can look through that if you want to..
My all time favorite actor is So Ji Sub (Master’s Sun), then Joo Won (Good Doctor),
and Uhm Ki Joon (Dream High).
I like So Ji Subm beacuse he was the
lead actor in my first Korean drama (I’m sorry, I love you).


As for Kpop, I prefer boy groups over girl groups.
My top group is SHINee, I like other groups like INFINITE, EXO, and 2PM (Not in order).
I listen to many other band but I don’t know them as much as I know thoes 4!
My top 3 biases are in the picture at the begining of the page:
1. Kim Jonghyun (SHINee), he’s my ultimate bias!
2. D.O Kyungsoo (Exo).
3. Nam Woohyun (INFINITE).
and now I’ll list other biases but not in order:
 Jang Wooyoung (2PM), Jung Ilhoon (BtoB), Yoon DooJoon (Beast) I’m not sure about him though!
Max Changmin (TVXQ), Eli (U-Kiss), Ken (VIXX), Kim Hyung Jun (SS501) He’s not the one in Boys Before Flowers :P!
I do like Teen Top and B1A4 but I’m still not sure about my biases there!
I love Super Junior but I can’t pick a bias!




U-KissSuper Junior

Outside of my Kpop life, I enjoy using Photoshop and Typography.
My first language is Arabic and I used to sub dramas to Arabic.
I’m actually a foriegn exchange student, and that’s how I met everyone here.
I’ve always wanted to play piano so now I’m taking piano lessons with Nanunnie!

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