A couple new MVs came out recently!


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B2ST Another New Music Video!!

This is why we love them!! They are amazing!! I thought it was coming out on the 16th so i wasn’t expecting it, then all of a sudden i got a text from nanunnie saying how awesome the new Beast MV was and i was like what? and she said it came out today so here it is!!! Supposedly they got a new choreographer, his name is JBlaze and he seems really good cause everything was amazing! ENJOY! >_<


Obsessed with a new band!!

Sorry i haven’t posted in FOREVER!!! I’ve been quite busy, but i have found a new band. The other members already have heard of them, so this is for the fans. They are called Speed, they are a sub unit of coed school, and they are quite amazing! I have a growing interest for the member that sings the solo starting around 1:14, but i haven’t researched anything about them yet so my bias may change…i just really like his solo part!! Enjoy! :)