How I’m learning Korean

Okay so admitedly I am not a fluent speaker of Korean but after years of obsessing over kpop and kdramas, I have FINALLY found a system where I’m acutally learning it! So I thought I’d share for everyone still struggling to find a way.

1. Get your keyboard in Korean!

I used to think that I had to buy a separate keyboard to type in korean. O-ho, good sirs you need not! If you go to your language settings (start menu –> control panel –> region and languages) then click on Keyboards and Languages. There should be something like “change keyboards,” click on it. Click add a language and find korean then MAKE SURE YOU CHECK MICROSOFT IME NOT THE NORMAL ONE. then you should see in the bottom right of your screen EN and if you click on it you shoud see the option to change it to Korean. Then next to that is going to be like a globe and an A. Click on the A so it says 가. Viola, you should be able to type in hangul.

Note: I use Windows 7 so if you have a different operating system this might differ greatly. You can probably google it with no problem.


How to study Korean

Folks this website is like a god from above. The creater gives and explains the alphabet, tenses, sentence structure, and so much more. It pretty much spells out the language for you. I guess you could say it appeals to my learning style. Everything is broken up by lessons and there are downloadable PDFs. It’s trés convenient for me because I can print them and then study them during a study hall at school or something. The website is completely free with purchasable workbooks.

I heard about this site via my French and Spanish teacher. They both use this and it’s mega helful for practicing vocabulary. You can just create an account and the create sets of words with their translation. From there you can study them as flashcards or do the learn mode. There’s also a speller mode, which is mega helpful for me. My typing on the korean keyboard has already increased by twice what it used to be thanks to the practice. There’s also games like scatter (match the words in a certain amount of time) and space race (type the words in a certain amount of time). Quizlet is made for helping people with languages too so if you make sure to set the language to korean, you will get accurate audio to help you pronounce things. Also there is an app if you have iOS 7 or above (which I don’t).

Honorable mentions: provides vocabulary units along with their lessons but if you’re ever looking for a translation this website is much better than google translate. It gives more accurate translations and there’s a conjugator and examples. I use it for french class all the time when I need to look up a word. It was recommended by my teacher too so it’s legit.

I personally didn’t like the way they taught all that much. Also, not all of it is 100% free. It could help some others though. They also do a Word of the Day every day which is kind of neat.


I havent watched many episodes of this but from what I have seen it has helped me a little. It’s a kid’s TV show so it is made to help kids who don’t know the language yet. Some of you may have even seen Dramafever advertising it because I think D.O. (EXO) really likes to watch it and there was another idol who actually learned Korean with watching Pororo. Also, the one episode i watched of this I watched with a friend and she messaged me later like yo I almost finished that Korean kids tv show and I just sat there like dude there’s like 100 episodes what even. Granted they’re five minute episodes but I was still surprised to hear it.

5 Resources to help you learn Korean

This is an article dramafever did a while back that I saved on my computer but I never actually used. Who knows? It might help some of you though.


Do you guys have any resources you recommend? Let your fellow learners know in the comments! (Oh mon dieur that sounded trés cheesy)

Until next time lovelies!


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