Jessica kicked out of SNSD?!

Jessica announced on her weibo, a social media account, that she is being kicked out of girl’s generation. At first there was a lot of speculation that the account was hacked but later SM Entertainment confirmed her statements.

The messages are as follows,

I was excited about our upcoming fan events only to shockingly be informed by my company and 8 others that as of today, I’m no longer a member. I’m devastated – my priority and love is to serve as a member of GG, but for no justifiable reason, I am being forced out..

she then posted afterwards,

You guys are very special people that I love dearly, therefore you deserve to hear the truth from me. I’m deeply saddened and hurt by those who I trusted and hope that you don’t ever have to experience this kind of pain.

Fans eagerly awaited a statement from SM Entertainment. Tensions rose when photos were released of Girl’s Generation heading to a fan meet with Jessica nowhere in sight.

Finally SM confirmed our worst fears when they announced that Jessica is no longer a member of Girls’ Generation. Koreaboo gives us the five reasons that the agency released in one of their articles. The reasons are as follows,


At (their) actions, in the eyes of the other members, the two were unacceptable. A representative of Girls’ Generation stated, ‘We hoped that she would put in all her efforts and time into Girls’ Generation promotions, but Jessica does not know how to tell the difference between work (public) and personal affairs.


The conflicts and dissension between Jessica and the other members began around August. It was after Jessica launched her fashion brand, ‘BLANC.’ Jessica even launched a line of sunglasses through the brand. At the center of ‘BLANC’ is Tyler Kwon. He is the largest shareholder and investor in the brand and has also maintained attracting most of the income.

Of course, Jessica has invested much of her own money into the business as well. Neither SM Entertainment nor the Girls’ Generation members were opposed to Jessica’s business. However, they did express that putting (the business) before (Girls’ Generation) was a difficult problem. So all in all, ‘BLANC’ should be side business, not the main business.”


Jessica had a dream of living as a designer. She is currently getting ready to attend an American design school. To attend an American school, one needs to take the SATs. However, she planned to show her portfolio instead. In order for this to happen, she had no choice but to put all her time into her current design brand. One representative has stated, ‘We can understand her designing as she promotes as a member of Girls’ Generation. But we are against her using the Girls’ Generation brand to live (better) as a designer.’


There are a lot of concerns that (Jessica’s) promise with her fans will be running into massive problems as well. In actuality, Girls’ Generation will be holding fanmeets for about three months beginning September 30 until January 4th, 2015. There are conclusions being made questioning whether or not long-term fanmeet tours, such as the one mentioned above, will be difficult to carry on if Jessica continues to focus on her personal business (rather than Girls’ Generation promotions). Even Jessica has been experiencing friction with the deciding of her daily/weekly schedules. One of Girls’ Generation’s representatives stated, “We have asked Jessica regarding her stay or departure (from the group). From what I know, she has said that she cannot give either one up. I don’t think she knows how to choose between the two.”


It seems as though she finds herself in an unfair position, as if she thinks that she has given her all into being part of (Girls’ Generation). (She finds) that being suggested the idea of leaving the group was an unacceptable and irrational thing to do. Currently, Jessica’s agency staff and members are all awaiting her decision. Once she decides to choose “Girls’ Generation”, then Girls’ Generation must become her #1 priority. In the end, all that matters is Jessica’s sincerity. Right now, in the eyes of her members, Tyler Kwon and BLANC are Jessica’s first and foremost priority. Because of this, these conflicts are now blowing out of proportion.

It’s horrible to hear the we’ve lost yet another talented artist from SM this year. Exo lost Kris and now Jessica, let us pray this isn’t one of those things that come in threes! What do you guys think? To me it sounds like Jessica still has chance to choose SNSD. Of course I will not judge her if she chooses to follow her fashion career. She has the right to be happy.

For those who don’t know, Jessica is the older sister to Kyrstal Jung, one of f(x)’s members. As far as her acting career, she’s done cameo in a few dramas but Wild Romance is the only drama she had an official role in. Her singing career obviously consists of her membership to Girls’ Generation, a few solo singles, along with some duets with singers such as Onew from SHINee, other GG members, her sister, and Kris from EXO (currently inactive).

Until next time lovelies!

Edit: I completely forgot that Sulli left f(x) making this actually the third time this year that SM lost an artist. WHoops. Here’s a photo to instill feels in you all (that reminded me about Sulli)

Until next time lovelies (for realz)


One comment on “Jessica kicked out of SNSD?!

  1. i don’t think its too late for her at all to still pick snsd but if she waits any longer it really will be too late. also i think that its great to have a designer dream, however i don’t agree with her starting it when she is in a kpop group, her priorities should’ve been on the group, career, and her fans. Businesses are hard work and it takes all your efforts, time, and attention, she couldn’t have done them both at once. Don’t get me wrong i am really sad she left and snsd will never be the same without her, but now she can focus on her dream of being a designer, it’s not like she’s going to be sad forever, she’s already achieved one of her dreams and now she’s going after another. I find this so inspiring too, because this girl is an idol, a kpop artist she’s famous and has achieved a goal that some of us can only dream of and now she’s going after another dream? this girl is hitting double jeopardy in the one short lifetime that she was given. Good for her!

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