BTOB You’re So Fly!

I absolutely adore this MV, it a great song, great dance, amazing group, cute, funny, it has EVERYTHING!! i was dying of laughter the whole time,but my favorite part is from about 3:06 on i’ve watched that part like five million times over and over again!

Now i don’t like Ilhoon’s hair short, not at all, i’m not used to it short and i don’t like it. Minhyuk, i’m sorry but you can not pull off white hair, i do not like that look for you. I’m not sure how i feel about Peniel’s hair yet, it looks good with the hat, but i have yet to see it without the hat and it could look awful without the hat, so i’ll wait to comment on that. Peniel is officially my favorite BTOB member!! I’ve known for a while i just haven’t posted to tell you guys so sorry! :)
This MV is amazing i love it sooooooooooooooo much! It’s super adorkable!


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