5 things on my to-do list this summer!

School's out and WHATEVER are we going to do with ourselves!

School’s out and WHATEVER are we going to do with ourselves!

I couldn’t think of a non-cheesy name for this post so umm…

1. Marathon Time!


This one is a total given! I’m pretty sure we all already started marathoning. I don’t know about you guys, but I look like this half the time too!

2. Get Part time Job


Now I wouldn’t advise switching genders but hey, I’d do it if i get to work with these hotties! Hell, I’d do it just for the money! Maybe we can find a job with hotties and we can still remain our designated gender, though.

3. Put that money to some good use


I’m not going to lie. This gif is the entire reason I made this post. Like I thought the post itself was a stupid idea and a bit overused but i really wanted to use this. That and I wanted to to do a written post but couldn’t think of anything better.
Anyway, I’ve got a whole list of albums I want to buy so all I need is the money to buy them, hence #2. Job applications, here I come!

4. Study Korean (or another language) hardcore (parkour)


GUYS I’M SO HAPPY CUZ I KNOW WHAT IT SAYS. I mean it’s not exactly hardcore french but I still love seeing stuff and being able to know what it says. It means You  + Me = In my bed in French :D

Sorry It’s a bit off topic.

5. Try making some Korean dishes!


If you’re really feeling adventurous then you can kidnap GOT7  and have a cooking contest with them. The aprons are optional. I, however, am not. Take me with you!
P.S. I probably won’t actually make them myself but rather force JaeDee to assist me. I mean, what? Totally innocent here ^.^

The more time I take to try and come up with a conclusion statement, the more I second guess my life. SO, until next time lovelies!


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