Let’s Eat!


Don’t laugh but yes it did take me this long to finish Let’s Eat. It’s not that I didn’t love I just had a lot going on xD

Anyway here’s my thoughts


I would completely recommend it to anyone who is thinking about watching it. It’s adorable, cute, and generally light-hearted. It has just enough dark dramatic moment to keep your blood pumping.

Are you asking what this is? Lets ask AsianWiki!



Yes, that is Doojoon from B2ST

Header because I don’t know what to put here

I usually have trouble with dramas towards the end because they tend to drag out a little but with this one, I didn’t have any problem.

The lead couple was adorable and I thought all the actors did a fantastic job. I’ve never been great at telling good acting and bad acting apart but I’m positive I’m right this time. I love how they gave our second male lead a second chance at love and that it shows that he’s learned something from the experience. I just thought that was cool xD I think it’s nice how they are all giving the bad guy [Jin Yi’s bad guy, not the murderer] a chance for redemption and I think it’s obvious that the’s paired up with Jin Yi.

Can we also just talk about how adorable the lead couple is?! And when the little kid got jealous of the dog omg perf xD

What did ya’ll think?

I meant for this to be longer with more pictures but I’m at school right now haha I’m going to be here till like 10 O’clock (it’s about 5 as I write this). It should fun though because tonight is our opening night for the musical!! Whoop lets hope I don’t miss my cue
On the bright side I got pizza for dinner.


Because how else could I end this post?


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